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Israel , Tuesday 20 February 2018

News Israel » Traffic: Third IDF Soldier Succumbs to Wounds After Traffic Accident, Six Organs Donated

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Publication date: uesday 20 February 2018 – The number of Israel Defense Forces soldiers killed in a deadly Feb ... Officials reported that Abu Zina had accumulated 115 traffic violations prior to the incident, including reckless driving.

News Israel » Traffic: PHOTOS: Israel Police Weekend Traffic Enforcement Operation Results In Over 3,000 Fines

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Publication date: onday 12 February 2018

Over the past weekend, more than 3,000 traffic summonses were issued during an operation focusing on highways across the country This activity is characterized by a wide range of technological means and overt / covert mobility, in order to deter drivers ...

News Israel » Traffic: Celia Israel: Texas unprepared for advances in transportation tech

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Publication date: onday 19 February 2018

Please email my office at, and let us know your ideas for generating revenue for infrastructure. After all, none of us want to be stuck in traffic.

News Israel » Traffic: Traffic management market expected to hit 59.48 billion USD by 2022

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Publication date: uesday 20 February 2018

The major vendors providing traffic management are Accenture PLC (Dublin, Ireland), Atkins Group (London, UK), Cellint (Tel Aviv, Israel), Cisco Systems, Inc. (California, US), Citilog (Arcueil, France), Cubic Corporation (California, US), EFKON AG (Raaba ...

News Israel » Traffic: Beit Yehoshua-Tel Aviv train line closed, leading to heavy traffic

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Publication date: onday 19 February 2018

and until more bus drivers are recruited—we will all continue to spend many hours in traffic. This week is just going to be the tip of the iceberg in the national catastrophe public transportation and all of Israel's citizens are facing."

News Israel » Traffic: 2 soldiers killed by truck driver with over 100 traffic convictions

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Publication date: Wednesday 14 February 2018

Staff Sgts. Bar Yakubian and Eshto Tespo were heading toward a base in south-central Israel for training when a Palestinian truck driver hit the IDF jeeps, killing them and injuring 10 other soldiers • Tespo's relatives: This was a terrorist attack.

News Israel » Traffic: Wizz Air becomes Israel's most popular foreign airline

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Publication date: Sunday 11 February 2018

The third leading destination for passengers from Israel in January was Germany, followed by France and Italy, to which passenger traffic grew 25%. Other destinations with a steep increase in passengers included Poland (due to the expanded activity by LOT ...

News Israel » Traffic: Family of Oliver McAfee travel to Israel to help search

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Publication date: hursday 15 February 2018

A Facebook page 'Missing: Oliver McAfee in Israel' has been set up for the public to assist ... Follow our feed for the latest traffic updates from across Northern Ireland. Suicide charity reinstates Green Party member O'Hara over tweet row - DUP's ...

News Israel » Traffic: Perfect Tense: Comparing Israel’s Ties with Jordan and Turkey

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Publication date: Friday 16 February 2018

Recent political crises resulting from security incidents involving Jordanians have led to recalls of ambassadors, suspension of visa issuance, and stoppages of commercial traffic and non-security coordination between the Kingdom and Israel. Such ...

News Israel » Traffic: Why the sudden surge in traffic accidents?

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Publication date: hursday 08 February 2018

Rosenbloom said that Israel has an abnormal amount of traffic accidents involving pedestrians: “Pedestrian accidents have been a problem in Israel for many years. In every Western country, pedestrian injuries make up only 10% of the total traffic injuries.